Real Estate Closing Resources and Forms



  • All parties listed as debtor(s) on lender documents

  • A valid Photo ID - (A Drivers' License, Passport, etc.)

  • Homeowners Insurance Policy/Declarations Page

  • Termite Letter is the Buyers' responsibility. You must bring the original termite letter to closing. 

  • Certified Funds or wire transferred funds are required by Khano & Associates for an amount greater than $1500. 



What Should You Bring to Closing?

Common Terms Heard at Closing


Commission - the fees paid to the real estate agents who represent the buyer and seller.


Earnest Money - Upon making an offer to purchase real estate, a buyer will generally deposit a sum of money to the seller as a demonstration of the buyer's good faith intention to purchase the property.


Escrows - an account maintained by the lender on behalf of the borrower for the payment of annual taxes and insurance.


Promissory Note - the instrument signed by a borrower wherein the borrower promises to repay, on demand or at some time fixed in the future, a sum of money to a lender or holder of the promissory note.