Current Bankruptcy Client Information Page

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Time Line



Take Credit Counseling "First Course" (Please don't forget to enter our emaill address) Set Appointment to come in for signing. Get together all the documents needed for appointment (Taxes and Income Statements). 

You will attend a Meeting with the Trustee in your case (341 hearing). 

                                      About 4 Months                                     

                   About 4 Weeks                      

You will meet with the Attorney to sign your petition and get your case filed with the Bankruptcy Courts. 

Take your Debtor Education "Second Course"

Please do not forget to enter our emaill address

You will receive a document from the courts with the title ORDER. This document is just informing you that no party (Creditor) has opposed your case and it is moving toward Discharge unopposed.

You will recieve your DISCHARGE PAPER from the Court. Please keep this for your records. Your case is now closed.







Credit Couseling and Debtor Education Course

The links below is for the courses that are required by the courts in order to file a bankruptcy and once filed, to complete a bankruptcy. These courses may be taken either online or over the phone. These are not the only sites for these courses. If the sites below are not the one you would like to use then please refer to THIS list for all GA approved. If you do choose to use the site below please remember to enter our attorney code GA0736 so the certificate will be sent to us. 

If you need to take the course by phone please call 888-963-8088 and tell them which course you will need to take and the attorney code  GA0736

341 Hearing or Meeting of Creditors Court Information

You will NEED to bring your Drivers License and Social Security Card to this meeting.

The Richard B. Russell Federal Building is located at 75 Spring St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303. All parking lots are pay to park, and the cost ranges from $5 to $20. You can find a map of the nearest lots here.

The United States Courthouse - Gainesville Division is located at 121 Spring St SE, Gainesville, GA 30501. Parking is available in the Hall County parking facility located at the corner of Green St. and Spring St. Enter the parking facility from Spring St.

Please be advised that cellular phones and other electronic devices with cameras will NOT be allowed beyond security checkpoints. If you attempt to bring a camera into the Courthouse you should expect some delays while Court Security Officers provide you with instructions on surrendering your camera while you are in the Courthouse.

The Country Inn and Suites Hotel for Newnan Court Hearings is located at 1125 Newnan Crossing Blvd. East, Newnan, GA 30265

The United States Courthouse - Rome Division is located at 600 East First Street, Rome, GA 30161. Parking is provided at the rear of the Courthouse. Use the entrance at the left of the building and proceed through the parking lot gate to the parking area.